to be honest i’m getting to the point where i just don’t want to live anymore if always feelings like this is all that’s in store for me. i’ve lost the very little hope i had for myself and now i’m just kind of waiting to die. like i’m not even really living anymore i’m just waiting for death like “wow…. i’d much rather not be here than have to always feel like this”. and i’ve cut myself off from everyone so much that they all hate me now and i’m pretty much alone. no one really reads the things i post so it’s okay to post it here but. you know. idk. i’m really just tired of this. i don’t want to be here anymore and idk why i keep waking up and trying to find some sort of purpose. but i don’t think that will ever happen. so. idk. 


stony is one of my main otps and stucky is my main brotp but lately i’ve been feeling that “romantic” connection between stucky because YOU PEOPLE HAVE BRAINWASHED ME I WANT TO REMAIN A STONY SHIPPER BUT THERE’S SO MUCH STUCKY FANART AND FICS AND THINGS

i know this feel………… it’s not easy bein a multishipper


I love in Stony roleplays when I’m playing Steve, and Tony wants Steve to pick between him and Bucky, and I make Steve pick Bucky because protecting Bucky will always be more important then anything

super interesting and cool!!!!

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drugs tw 


and then suddenly it’s PEPPERSTEVETONY

help i’ve fallen and i can’t get up

also, they stole steve’s clothes >:|!!



"Steve!" Tony threw up his hands in frustration. Insecure was an entirely new side of Steve, and he didn’t think he liked it. “I let you dip me on the dance floor at company parties. I go to board meetings because if I don’t they phone you and you look disappointed in me. I clean out fishtanks. I willingly ride in a Pontiac! If that’s not love, I’m sorry, but it’s all I’ve got to give.”

Secrets of a Successful Marriage, by valtyr

one of my favourite fics ;o;)/ clicky click for full view

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You talk a lot on your main blog about Steve getting fucked in the ass relentlessly. My biggest question is: are you gonna right that?

yeah no i do talk a lot about steve rogers getting fucked in the ass on the main blog, i can’t help it idk

but here’s that! (nsfw, bottom!Steve obvs)


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Some fluff and cuddles. starting to get on the flow of course Steve and Tony <3



Tony bucks his hips up against Steve’s, who answers with a rolls of his own hips and a low moan. 

"Fuck," Tony hisses. "Take- your shirt, take it off."

Steve looks down at him. “We’re not doing the whole ‘Steve is the only one naked’ thing again, Tony.”

"You won’t be, I promise." Tony smiles. "But you’re the hotter one, so your clothes have to come off first."

"I’m not the hotter one, Tony," Steve says, leaning down and kissing Tony’s neck. "Who has had the most bed partners here?"

Tony rolls his neck back. “Doesn’t matter, you’re still hotter than I am.”

Steve sucks hard on a sensitive spot on Tony’s neck. “That’s not true, Tony.”

"Fine, we’re both hot, whatever. Take your shirt off."

Steve pushes up, his thighs still straddling Tony’s waist, as he pulls his shirt over his head. The dog tags from the war that he refuses to take off begin to dangle as he comes back down, his hands on either side of Tony’s head.

Tony reaches up and rubs his thumb over one of the tags. Steve looks down at him, blushes, and then kisses Tony to hide it.

"I don’t want these off.”

Steve pulls back and looks at him. “What?”

"You heard me," Tony says. "Do you know how insanely hot it would be if you were naked and wearing nothing but these dog tags?"

Tony tugs on them, and Steve furrows his brows. “That’s really… a thing for you?”

"Of course."

Steve doesn’t argue further. He lets Tony yank on them as much as he wants, because he knows Tony will never yank so hard the chain breaks, as Tony kisses him, runs his other hand up and down Steve’s body and rubs his thigh between Steve’s legs.

Later, Tony can’t resist swirling the chain on the dog tags so that the rest on the top of Steve’s back as he’s on all fours and Tony’s licking him and sucking him and taking him to a whole new level.

After that, they fall off Steve’s back and return to dangling in front of him. 

The clinking sound they make as Tony thrusts in and out of Steve is like music to his ears.