this was sent to my main blog, and i’m pretty sure it was meant to go to this blog. i haven’t written stevetony in a while and this is too cute to ignore ~~

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Those sweat drops tho….delicious.



This is the very first time I’m satisfied enough with a comic page, panels usually aren’t the simplest thing (any advice appreciated). 
Btw here’s a StevexTony smutty thing in black and white, hope you like it!

COOL  nsfw 






and they’re asking steve. okay, tony, that’s embarassing, okay.


Uber Irish, Gaelic Speaking Steve.


He didn’t have red hair and he didn’t have freckles, but he was Irish to boot. He worked in the kitchen of Tony’s favorite bar, and Tony could always hear him babbling in his foreign tongue.

Tony wasn’t sure if the guy even spoke English.

"Hey Darcy," he waved the bartender over. "Who’s that guy?" he asked, pointing at the man at the other end of the bar, restocking glasses.


"Ah, Steve."

Without another word, Tony got up, threw money down on the table and walked out.

He stayed up half the night googling half decent pickup lines and plugging them into Google Translate. They didn’t have Gaelic, but they had Irish, and Tony figured they were probably close enough.

The next night he went into the bar and waited for Steve to come out of the kitchen to restock the glasses. When he did, Tony slid down to the end of the bar.

"Mo ainm ar Tony," he introduced himself, reading off the card. "Is maith liom do chuid súl." (I like your eyes).

Steve blinked at him. Tony flipped the card over.

"Nuair a dhéanann túa fháil saor ón obair?" (When do you get off work?)

That didn’t work, so he turned to the cheesy pickup lines he had found the night before.

"An bhfuil tú decorator taobh istigh? Toisc nuair a chonaic mé tú tháinig ar an seomra ar fad álainn." (Are you an interior decorator? Because when I saw you, the entire room became beautiful.)

He looked over and saw Darcy covering her mouth with a hand, visibly shaking with laughter.

"I can’t do this anymore," Steve laughed, speaking in perfect English, no hint of an accent. "I couldn’t watch you suffer."

"But! But!" Tony gaped, pointing at Steve. "I’ve never heard you speak English!"

"Yeah, well," Steve shrugged. "It’s easier to complain about the other guys in the kitchen if they don’t know what I’m saying."

Tony felt himself break out in a smile.

"So, the entire room is beautiful, huh?" Steve asked. "You must have low standards of beauty. This place is a dump."

"Not with you in it."

Steve smiled and turned to go back into the kitchen. “Oh, to answer your poorly formed question, I get off at midnight.”

"So I’ll pick you up here and we’ll go out?"


Tony slammed his head on the table.

"It means maybe," Darcy answered, Tony’s usual drink in her hand.


Don't cut, sweetie, it's not worth it. I love you.

this must be from a while ago. thank you, though, for the message <3 

SteveTony - I Can Hold You

i wrote this based off of this marvel headcanon, about how Steve experiences somewhat of an anxiety attack when he hears noises that remind him of gunfire or explosions.

possibly triggering ~

here it is on ao3 too!

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(100+) superhusbands | Tumblr unter We Heart It.



Like look me in the eye and tell me, if you’re going to judge Steve/Sharon by all of canon, that it’s more gross than Stony. Tell me.

why do you need to tag this honestly we are just trying to like the things we like and you’re gonna go off and…

Well… okay… I’m still woke tho….





Ugh, some days I forget how rotten, disgusting, and vile Stony shippers can be

and then

they come up out of the sewers and remind me

bitch nobody asked you and no one cares at all what your opinions are keep the shit to yourself since ain’t no one give a…

shut the fuck up with your condescending bitchass fuck off no one cares about you you’re an old irrelevant hoe who has nothing better to do than hate on a fictional relationship with fictional characters do you see how sad you are??? i get why you’re such a hateful bitch since you are obviously extremely sad with your sad life. i don’t care if you have a good day or not and don’t pretentiously ask me to have a good day bitch fuck you good bye dumbass hoe

Ah, more slurs. Stony fandom in a nutshell. Misogyny, misogyny, misogyny. You’re such a good ambassador for them. 

You are a child who has nothing better to do than to toss around oppressive slurs at people who do not agree with your view on fictional characters. Lord I hope you grow up, because I have to share the planet with you, and your behavior is appalling.  Do you see how sad THAT is? 

And sweetie, that’s not how you spell the “hoe” you want. If you’re going to be a misogynistic tool, at least use the right tools in your argument. 

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you don’t know know that you are being oppressive and awful because you are a 16 year old child. You may choose to believe that this makes me condescending, but I promise you that your support of misogyny and racism are much worse than my inability to take your temper tantrum seriously.

You seem to think that I am not being sincere. I AM sincere in that I hope you have several good long conversations with yourself about your inappropriate priorities and the language that you use in your interactions with people. Because your current path is not one that is going to do anything but contribute more oppression, and the world doesn’t need that. 

There is more to the world to Steve/Tony, and that is the conversation the grown-ups are having right now. Your age doesn’t forbid you entry into that conversation, but your attitude does. 

But do continue to tell me how much you don’t care while you stop your feet and throw your toys. 

Alright bitch you are not worth anything, much less MY time. Bye you crusty irrelevant hoe